The app to boost your mind and mental strength

Tools and practices right in your phone to build consistency in your self-work routine.

created for her who wants:


There is room for every aspect of your life. Her way app is here to make you live with ease.

Enhanced self-esteem

A confidence coach right in your pocket. Always there - night or day.

A great self image

You are the creator of your environment, opportunities and dreams. With the right self image, anything is possible.

Grow & Glow

Her way app is designed to help you shine, raise you vibe and go after your dream life.

Subscribtion - 9,99 €/month

Work-life balance habit tracker

Track your daily practices for inner balance and self-love. Based on proven coaching methods.

Daily Motivational Coaching

Take part of daily coaching audio to build a positive self-image, motivation and confidence

Self-love & Balance practices

To enchane your self esteem, build a bettter self image and create an joyful life in balance.


Instantly connect with other like-minded women in our supportive digital community

Bonus: 7 secrets to better confidence

Download the app for free today and get the bonus ”7 secrets to better confidence”

Meet our founder

Hi, I´m Nathalie. The founder of Her Way and a Confidence Coach, helping you to create inner freedom and a healthy relationship to yourself.

The lack of self-love in my earlier days in life, reflected in all aspects of my life. The key to inner freedom was to find a healthy relationship with myself, without the inner critic running the show.

I decided to make a change and give myself the love and appreciation I deserve, which gave me strength to leave an abusive relationship. On my healing journey and becoming a Confidence Coach, I have gathered tools and techniques to master yourself to inner freedom. Now I want to share
these with you!

I created this app because I believe it is important to work on our self worth and mental strength, as much as on our physical strength. Because I want to see you grow & glow!


”The membership improved my focus on self care as a way to work life balance. It has allowed me to show up as myself, without fear to demonstrate my talents and personality in ways that have opened doors for me career wise.”

– Yahneake

”These tools have been useful to me over and over again. I´m very grateful for the coaching with Nathalie and the amazing tools she hands out. I feel a huge differece, regarding how to listen to my body and give myself the love.”

– Sanna

”Thankful for all the tools shared in this program for finding self-confidence and balance in myself. One of the best decisions I’ve made.
The tools will come in handy for the rest of my life”

– Daniela


Most frequently asked questions

The app is free to download and offers in-app purchases for you to grow
and glow.

Yes sister, the subscription can be canceled at any time.

The membership have a 7 day free trial. Billing starts after the 7 days free trial period ends.

The Her Way of Life membership includes daily motivational life coaching
audio, a work-life balance habit tracker, Self-love & Balance Video Practices and community with other inspiring women.


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