Style and Identity Discourse from a Multiculti Nomad

18 maj, 2020

Hi, I’m Sandra, that Nomad! After several years of contemplating I decided to give birth to @thatstylenomad in October ’18.⁠

I make plenty of statements. One of them ⁠is that I will no longer break myself down into bite sized pieces to serve to others. I come in a beautiful platter: ⁠

▪️Nordic and African⁠
▪️Complex and minimal⁠
▪️Introverted and extroverted ⁠
▪️Whimsical but structured⁠
▪️A mother and an aspiring fashion icon⁠

This page is about celebrating the joys and struggles of a brown girl who later just wants to be appreciated as an individual rather than being lumped into a group of people. ⁠ It’s also about my love for style and swaying to my favourite rhythms.

Your nomad sis, Sandra💓

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