Autumn showers in delicious flavors

30 oktober, 2020

Don’t know about you but I love me some extra warm showers and cosy bath times during this increasingly dark and cold period of the year. What especially adds to the whole experience is soft and fresh scents. I’m hooked on Yves Rocher’s new series of Concentrated Shower Gels. The series features 7 different scents. Each one is compactly packed in a small 100ml bottle with contents enough for 40 showers (as in a 400ml bottle)!

My absolute favorite ones are Raspberry, Lotus, Mango and Pomegranate since I’m very much into fruity smells. Thanks to their packaging, it’s possible to pack them along to trips without giving a second thought to the amount of space needed to contain one of them. I’ve also used the gels as hand soap since I find that they don’t dry my skin like most hand soaps do.

Paid partnership with Yves Rocher.

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