Intuitive Lifestyle Guidance – what is it?

21 maj, 2020

A question I get a lot that I don’t have a short answer to… I guess the reason why the work that I do is hard for me to describe is because each client has their own personal experience, their own journey. 

But to break it down to you. My session are based upon three simple pillars, those are; mindful listening, intuitive guidance and accountability. These three pillars are basically the shell of what you’re investing in. By listening mindfully I am able to pick up what is being said but also what isn’t. 

To help you build awareness around what may not be said I ask questions, sometimes a lot of questions. Sometimes I’m cheeky and sometimes very serious, at times we may shed some tears, It’s all healing really. Many of us live a fast paced life and unfortunately it’s rare for a lot of us to have someones full attention, someone who truly listen. So that’s what I do, I listen without fixing. And when we’ve reached to the core of what you need, your innermost desires I will offer you my immense support. 
Because your growth is in my biggest interest. 

”Caroline has a unique ability to make me feel fully safe and challenged at the same time. She offers a warm and loving space where I can be myself wholeheartedly without judgements or pointers.”
– Siri Winberg

Do you feel the call to learn more about what it’s like to work with me? I offer all curious souls a free 30 minute session to see if we are a good fit. To say hi! Email me at hello@wholistically.se.


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