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The Business of Beauty.

1 november, 2019
The Business of Beauty

… and then some bullshit.

That is what this blog is all about. The business of beauty and a load of bullshit that is life !

My name is Gabriella, I live in Malmö and work at an international cosmetic company. I have a huge passion for all things people, beauty, influencer marketing, sexology and I truly wish that people stopped underestimating the impact of the beauty industry that not only is extremely creative and fun, but is also valued at $532 billion as of July 2019 . Do not worry, I am well able of problematising the industry too, but lets leave that to another time shall we? It needs a post or two, or three for itself.

When I come to think of it, I do not know where my love for beauty comes from, as I did not have a caregiver who was into cosmetics – AT ALL . You know, the kind that washes her face with soap and water and applies NIVEA cream from the basic blue tub. Absolutely nothing against NIVEA, but you know – the 12 step routine I once had going (more on that later) would look at that ol’ tub and weep.

But trying out new cosmetics, playing around with make-up on my friends, plucking and shaping their eyebrows ( not always that successfully might I add) and dreaming of becoming an adult with money to buy whatever I wished for was a part of my life for many years.

So here I am, 27 and allegedly an adult of some kind and able to dive into all things beauty at any time that my heart desires, both as a hobby and as my job.

Imagine if I could tell the beauty-loving 12-year old me that ”When you are an ”adult” you will have a career in an international beauty brand and you will love it”. The thought of seeing the face of that awkward 12-year old when being told that her hobby would be her job eventually, leaves me with a huge smile on my face as I write the second last sentence of this post.

I want to wish you all welcome and I hope you stay along for this ride of The business of beauty!

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