december 2019

La Maquillage

Glitter and Sparkles

30 december, 2019

NYE is coming up tomorrow and transporting us into a new decade. Imagine that, an entirely new decade to fill with glitter and sparkles. Or like a cheerful friend of mine said this morning ”Another decade for us to turn into balls and end up questioning every single decision we have made during it when we find ourselves in this exact same spot in december 2029”. Lets stick…

La Maquillage La vie en rose

Red Lips

18 december, 2019
red lips

Right, who else is tired of reading about red lips during the holiday season ? I sure am, especially when I read people raving and comparing two shades of red which nobody but beauty geeks can tell a difference between. Yet, I am guilty of this too. In fact, one week before my wedding day I sent photos to a group of friends of me wearing about 10…


I spy, with my little trend eye…

11 december, 2019
I spy with my little trend eye

…that one of the biggest beauty trends in 2020 will be downsizing the skincare and makeup-routine. Yes, what I mean is that I believe the beauty-savvy consumer will start to Mari Kondo the shit out of their beauty routines. Adapting a more low-key and minimalistic approach to beauty in general and scouting for multi-use products. This is what I spy with my little eye for 2020 ! Or…



11 december, 2019

It is no secret that I am slightly addicted to beautiful scents and will truly switch perfume depending on the mood that I happen to find myself in. Byredo does not make this addiction easier to withstand, especially not with the gorgeous Oud Immortel. Therefore I would like to begin this post with ensuring you that there is absolutely no need whatsoever to run out and purchase every…