I spy, with my little trend eye…

11 december, 2019
I spy with my little trend eye

…that one of the biggest beauty trends in 2020 will be downsizing the skincare and makeup-routine. Yes, what I mean is that I believe the beauty-savvy consumer will start to Mari Kondo the shit out of their beauty routines. Adapting a more low-key and minimalistic approach to beauty in general and scouting for multi-use products. This is what I spy with my little eye for 2020 !

Or maybe this is just a trend which I hope will take over in order for us all to become more concsious of the way in which we use and purchase cosmetics. I often find that we are all so concerned with talking about the fashion industry and easily forget to include the beauty industry in this debate. More on this another day!

I believe that some of the most modern beauty brands will (or should…)begin to look over their launches and possibly even discontinue some products in order to help the consumer make more focused choices. The smaller assortments of products, the easier it will become for the consumer to navigate and make a choice of purchase. We need to remove all the *fluff* and get serious and focused.

I reflect a lot on my own behaviour and try to analyse in which ways it has changed over the last couple of years and months ( beauty-wise guys, lets not get into a private self-analysis here) and guys, I have gone from owning over 200 lipsticks to 30. I know this sounds absolutely ludacris, and it is, but bare with me as I did blog and work with cosmetics for several years and was sent launches after launches. But my skin care routine has also gone from a 3-step kind of party when I was 14 years old and loved Clinique , to a 8 step one at 24 (consisting of brands such as Paulas Choice, Verso, Yves Rocher, La Roche Posay and Oskia to now finding myself back at a 4-step routine.

The reason for my routine slim-down was mainly because I started asking myself if all the products I was using were truly working, or if I could eliminate some and still have the same results. So that is what I did and I do believe this will also be part of the downsizing trend in 2020 : To question if products are really working for you and making choices accordingly.

This is why I also believe that beauty brands will look at their current product assortment and find ways to use an already existing product in more ways for multi-products.

There you go, that is one of the things I think will become big in 2020 and I love it.

  • Svara
    Nathalie Rajic
    14 december, 2019 kl. 11:26

    Hurray for a capsule beauty routine! 🙂

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