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Glitter and Sparkles

30 december, 2019

NYE is coming up tomorrow and transporting us into a new decade. Imagine that, an entirely new decade to fill with glitter and sparkles.

Or like a cheerful friend of mine said this morning ”Another decade for us to turn into balls and end up questioning every single decision we have made during it when we find ourselves in this exact same spot in december 2029”.

Lets stick to the positives now, shall we?

Glitter. Nothing says glitter quite as much as NYE. Well, nothing other than my 6 year-old niece who is just all about the sparkles and finds her nail polish to be the greatest thing to hit this earth since sliced bread. But this post is not to be dedicated to her unicorn-esque glitter, but to a true hero-product when it comes to glitter make-up.

I have tried it all. Loose eyeshadow where you need a sticky base underneath to make it stay put, liquid liners, pressed eyeshadows where the fall down is just a nuisance and wrecks your glitter-mojo ( this should be an official word) and lets face it, we cannot have none of that negative BS ruining our sparkling-game.

Stila Magnificent Metal Glitter and Glow is absolutely extraordinary. In the above photo I have applied a generous layer of the shade Diamond Dust and in the photo below it is the darker shade Molten Midnight being put to the test.

Stila Magnificent Metal Glitter and Glow – Molten Midnight

This amazing long-wearing eye shadow gives all that luster and shimmer I look for when wanting a glitter make-up look. The texture is lightweight and dries fast enough so that you don’t have to worry about it transferring anywhere, but gives you enough time to pile the product on and get a good idea of what it will look like when dry.

It truly gives the most amount of sparkle with minimal amount of fallout and it is next to impossible to wear it without receiving a comment on the effect it will give to your makeup-look. I love it for a party as much as I love it for a mundane Wednesday and I love playing around with the way I apply it. Sometimes I only apply it close to the upper lash line for a minimal effect, sometimes only along the lower lash line, over the entire lid and recently I applied a tiny dot of it in the corner of my eyes.

Versatile, fun, playful and sparkly !

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