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Routines and a Ramble

7 januari, 2020

This morning marked the beginning of my 2020 work-year. After two weeks of being off work, it was finally time to resume the routines of daily life.


Jokes aside, I normally actually quite enjoy day to day life but this morning I woke up, got dressed did my make-up all whilst gazing out the window only to be met by my own reflection in the 7am darkness of January in Sweden. The darkness only reminded me of the fact that there are other places in the world where life is colourful, and that maybe, just maybe I will soon have the courage to move to a warmer climate and join the unknown.

Routines and realising I have none.

Taking the train to work and doing all those things one does when arriving at the office after having been off for more than a long weekend got me thinking about routines and the general lack of such in my life. Lately when romanticising the idea of becoming the sort of person who has standing appointments with her hairdresser every 8 weeks, attend bookclub once a month, PT appointments 3 times a week, wear matching underwear at all times, have allocated play-time for friends and not have to worry about that to cook on a Friday because on Fridays pizza is a given, it kind of hit me that I will probably never be that person.

And that it is ok.

The art of simple living : a routine-filled life or a go with the flow-approach?

My reality is somewhat closer to a sporadic appointment at the hairdresser whenever I realise that my dog has more regular haircuts than I do, I never ever wear matching underwear, I try to get the routine in where I bring my own lunchbox to work – but rarely succeed and if I am on my own on a Friday evening , popcorn seems like a fairly nutritious dinner option.

Does this make me into a fake-adult? Do real adults all have routines? I mean. I do have a pretty strong skin-care routine going…does that count at all? Or is that too millennial of me to even classify me as an adult?

I frankly don’t know.

There are however a few routines which I would like to adapt for this coming year, one of them being meditation. I have actually added it to my calendar at the same time every day. 15 minutes which I give myself to clear my mind in order to feel healthier and more balanced and thus also perform better at work.

Another one is to feel instead of think. I spend a lot of time in my own head, reflecting, questioning and wondering. This year I want to get into the habit of stopping myself when spiralling in a thought and instead feel where it is all coming from. What part of my body is affected, where is the pain, joy, sadness or whatever the emotion I might be experiencing, located. And learn to not react to whatever the feeling is.

Although I have accepted the fact that I will not be a routine-driven person I am super impressed and astonished by people who have strict routines in their lives as it to me shows great discipline.

So if you would like to impress me, please do share which routines you might have implemented to make your life easier, as I am always up for a #lifehack or two!

PS. If you are Swedish speaking and need a bit of a pick me up now that work has kicked off again , check out this post on how to avoid falling into the stress-trap after having been on holidays.

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