January Skincare Loves

8 januari, 2020
January Skincare

As mentioned yesterday, setting and committing to a routine is not my strong suit and makes me into a questionable adult kind of human being. However, one thing I have truly mastered over the years is sticking to a skincare routine.

Go figure.

Sure, the set-ups and routines have changed and evolved during the years and thank God for that. In 2013 my skincare routine took me about 15 minutes each evening and involved 12 steps, then I got a job and started studying full-time and realised that if it was one thing that had to go, it was that routine. So out it went and I think I have downsized about one product each year since then leaving me with….

…maths has never been my strong suit. But less anyway !

So today I want to share 3 skincare-related products or tools which I have been using that I enjoy. One is an absolute love and you need this in your life ( Oi! Remember what I told you in this post about about needing water vs needing a product?) , one gets a ”I quite like it” and one is a ”I will use it up and enjoy it but will not repurchase it”.

Lets begin from the left and work our way through each product:

The facial konjac sponge from Yves Rocher that I highly recommend you to try if you like to give yourself a bit of TLC and both exfoliate and kickstart the circulation. It is rock hard when dry, but all you need is a bit of water to soften it and the texture is extremely soothing against the skin. I use it in circular motions and I tend to do it whilst in the sauna as it also relaxes me due to the consistency of it – yup you guessed it, it is a very spongy sponge. All my sauna buddies have tried it and been hooked every since. It lasts about 3 months and is 100% from natural derivate.

Belif is a Korean apothecary brand that I was 100% convinced was actually American when I purchased it in NYC during my last visit. I was in Sephora , aka what used to be my mothership having a browse and realised I was way to stuck to reading reviews before purchasing something, rather than actually exploring products I had not heard of before.

The Belif True Tincture Essence – Chamomille was one of the products which I thought would tickle my fancy simply for the very straightforward communication on the packaging, the dark apothecary-esque bottle and the fact that it contains Chamomille. A plant which to me connotes calmness, soothing and balance. This next-to-water consistency of an essence promises to revitalize dull skin by supporting the skin’s blood flow and circulation with 93 percent organic Chamomile Tincture. To sum it up : It is best used after a toner and before applying moisturiser for maximal benefit and I will absolutely use it all up as it smells divine – but I will not repurchase it. It simply doesn’t make a massive difference to my skin and I would like to cut out steps in my routine and it is not necessary.

Finally, Lernberger Stafsing SOS Barrier Repair Cream. I was actually gifted this product at an event a few weeks ago and I quite like it. It moisturises, softens and balances my skin and I apply it to washed skin in the mornings and have done so for about a month now. I also like that it comes in a tube so that I do not have to stick my bacteria-covered fingers into a pot and then slab it only my face ( that is one of the most elegant sentences I have written in a while…). A massive ++ to know that part of the profit from each sold product goes to The Perfect World Foundations work towards saving bees.

Love when one can combine beauty with doing a bit of good for the world.

There you go, some of my skincare picks of the moment !

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