La vie en rose Le soin

When life forces you to find joy the simple things.

16 januari, 2020


My therapist says ( there is a sentence I did not think I would share with you just yet ) that sometimes the universe throws you into a whirlwind of occurrences and situations which seem impossible to manage, but truly force you to stop, reflect, look inwards and change.

Believe me, if this week has not forced me to look inwards I do not know what will do the trick.

But it has also made me reflect over the small things which bring me joy when it all feels like a turmoil.

Being creative with makeup, trying out new cosmetic products, reading about beauty trends and new releases are a few of those things which always brought me a lot of joy, and still does.

It might sounds silly to some to claim that applying a beautiful and bright coloured lipstick does make things a bit more fun, but it is not a surprise that the sales of lipstick rises during strenuous political and financial times. A simple pink lipstick can sometimes represent that change on the outside that you are not yet ready to commit to your inner self as strange as it might sound. And if it can make you feel a tad more excited about your day, then why the hell not?

So, since it is Friday tomorrow and this week has been absolutely exhausting both mentally and emotionally , I will be wearing the brightest of lipsticks all day long whilst ticking off my to-do list for work which has had to be put on pause since Tuesday. And in the spirit of focusing on things which bring me joy, I will during next week be wearing one bright lipstick each day and share it with you guys both here and on Instagram . Prepare yourselves for a very colourful week !

Finally for my Swedish speaking readers, life is not perfect, nobody is perfect and it should not be something we strive to achieve. Read more about it here !

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