februari 2020

La Maquillage La vie en rose

The Vanity Situation

18 februari, 2020

How a neat and tidy vanity can give you the illusion of being a very pulled-together person. I could have styled this corner for the sake of the photo, turned the perfume bottles towards the camera to give you a slight chance in seeing which perfumes I am currently using. But no, instead I simply snapped the photo in the moment I felt like it, in order to…

La Maquillage

Lipstick Every Damn Day!

11 februari, 2020

A story on how lipstick gave me a purpose and a sense of achievement during hard times. My year really did not start off in the best possible way. Yeah, shocking huh? Considering 2020 was supposed to be all kinds of amazing in all horoscopes I read. I had been ill over Christmas which resulted in less rest than I had anticipated (and needed) and I already felt…

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48 hours in Paris

3 februari, 2020

Paris, Paris, Paris. Working for a French brand does have its perks, not only do I get to listen to the charming accent when my French colleagues speak English but I also get the opportunity to visit France a few times a year for work purposes. More specifically, Paris ( if you had not guessed it already ). And sometimes Brittany where we have our Eco Spa, which…