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48 hours in Paris

3 februari, 2020

Paris, Paris, Paris.

Working for a French brand does have its perks, not only do I get to listen to the charming accent when my French colleagues speak English but I also get the opportunity to visit France a few times a year for work purposes. More specifically, Paris ( if you had not guessed it already ).

And sometimes Brittany where we have our Eco Spa, which has come to be one of my favorite places.

This morning I left home in the early am as my flight was supposed to depart at 8am from Copenhagen. Needless to say that it was delayed, as it always is whenever I go to Paris. This morning I truly struggled to leave my home, I don’t know why but it is always the same when I need to leave in the morning when it is still dark outside. I feel as though I am abandoning my loved ones and sneaking out and it doesn’t matter if I am in my own home or if I happen to stay at a friends home that night or my parents – I always feel as though I shouldn’t be leaving. I think this has to do with me having massive issues with goodbyes and since I am sometimes scared of flying , in my mind it is always a goodbye for good.

Anyhow, lets leave that drama behind.

Here is my day in pictures :

Beautiful sunrise when taking off this morning. I always count the first 4 minutes on a flight because many years ago this PT at my gym told me the first 2 minutes are the most crucial ones security wise. In hindsight I realize this was probably fake news but regardless it has stuck to me and I still to this day do it.

This is what our HQ looks like from the outside in Paris. Our labs take up an entire floor and I am not allowed in there, for obvious reasons ( main one being that I am no scientist). But I have been in there a few times in the past and the last time I got to make my own lipstick. That was a happy day.


This restaurant is gorgeous and just a few minutes walking distance from the office. I tend to bring journalists and influencers here when meeting them in Paris and today I had a work meeting here too. Beautiful food, great service and I love how colorful this place is. The restaurant is called L’ile if you happen to be in Paris and want to visit a great restaurant.


Once my work day was finished I felt I needed to move my legs a bit before heading off to dinner. I set a goal for myself to reach 10.000 steps everyday and I honestly don’t even reach half of that on a normal way when I don’t make a conscious effort to do so. I dropped off my bag at the hotel and went for a wander around Paris, first I listened to a podcast and then decided to just pay attention to the sounds around me instead. I popped into a Sephora and came out with a small bag of beauty products to try out.

Just so that it is clear, I see it both as a personal interest as well as a professional ”duty” to try beauty products from both non-competitors and competitors to Yves Rocher in order to stay up to date with trends, what the consumers are gravitating towards and how the different brands are doing their communication towards the end consumer. I love exploring the news-section and spending time trying out the products in peace later.


Finally after reaching 15.000 steps I ended the evening with a calm dinner at a bistro around the corner from the hotel. Tomorrow we have a full day at the office going over some influencer marketing plans and I really look forward to meeting my colleagues from around the world.

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