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Lipstick Every Damn Day!

11 februari, 2020

A story on how lipstick gave me a purpose and a sense of achievement during hard times.

My year really did not start off in the best possible way. Yeah, shocking huh? Considering 2020 was supposed to be all kinds of amazing in all horoscopes I read. I had been ill over Christmas which resulted in less rest than I had anticipated (and needed) and I already felt very run down when my personal life took a hit not long thereafter. I went through possibly the most challenging week of my life and felt very alone and lost.

Luckily I did learn a lot about myself, my own values and how it really is about the small things in life which matter. Like adding color to my life, this time through lipstick.

By promising myself, and of course you guys to share one photo each day wearing lipstick gave me one small thing to do each day, and by doing it and sticking to my promise – I got some sense of achievement in a time where I was not being able to be productive at work or deliver in any way I have been used to.

So here it is, as promised : 7 days of the lipsticks I wore with the respective photo of it being worn. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch on Instagram , I would love to hear from you!


MAC – Retro Matte in the shade ”All fired up”. This lipstick can get rather dry in its consistency, but the hot pink pigments are gorgeous. A true Barbie pink lipstick with blue undertones.

I have always had pretty clear and luminous skin, but lately it has been acting up big time. Still, I want to share an as un-edited as possible side of myself on social media so therefore I did not cover the breakout on my chin. It is hormonal and it is not fun. BUT less of skin-chat and lets move on to lipstick. NYX Butter Lipstick in the shade Pops Explosif, a creamy and slightly shiny dusty rose color I used to be mad about. Today, not so much.

One of my all-time favourite reds, and one I wore to my wedding celebrations. Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Mat in the shade 156. Super Matte red with a lasting power of a couple of hours ( as long as you don’t kiss anyone).


Deep purple and the boldest color of them all : MAC Retro Matte in the shade Heroine. I truly feel like a superhero whenever I wear this gorgeous shade that is by far the one I receive most questions on by strangers.

Yet another MAC Lipstick ( Yes, I went through a phase when I just purchased MAC products) and this one is a favourite. This beautiful pinkish nude shade is matte and goes under the name ”Mehr”. I like the 90s touch it has since it also has a brown-ish undertone.


MAC- Rebel Rev . I do realise I need to try some lipsticks from other brands, or simply keep digging in my stash and share with you guys. Honestly, not a fan of this shade. Deep wine-coloured lipstick with a sheen. I don’t want a sheen so this one will be given away to someone who likes it.

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