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The Vanity Situation

18 februari, 2020

How a neat and tidy vanity can give you the illusion of being a very pulled-together person.

I could have styled this corner for the sake of the photo, turned the perfume bottles towards the camera to give you a slight chance in seeing which perfumes I am currently using. But no, instead I simply snapped the photo in the moment I felt like it, in order to share it with you here.

The purpose of it ?

Nothing other than the fact that I LOVE seeing other peoples make-up and cosmetic storage and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a neat and organized vanity space (barr sex – naturally). I think this obsession began back in the days when I discovered Into The Gloss and the ”Top Shelf” where the journalist would go through toilet cupboards ( hello, the dream! ) and the person in question got to share why they chose a certain product in their routine. Just see for yourself and check out the piece on Laura Dern and her bathroom.

Surely I am not alone in this, there is a reason for why the #Shelfie has 1.9M posts. People are nosy fuckers who want to know what people have on their shelves, regardless if it is the bathroom, kitchen, living room or the garage. Obsessed. People are obsessed!

And I love it because it makes me feel less alone.

I just recently went through a de-clutter phase in my life, which I am partly still in, where I emptied three drawers full of cosmetics and kept only the things I use. The rest was given away, thrown away or sold for 1€/product and the total amount I Swished to the organisation Talita.

During this time I also sold my well-loved vanity table from Ikea, the classic white Malm with a glass top in order to truly force myself to commit to a minimum amount of products as I welcomed this little wagon thing into my life :

I promise you that I will give you a proper run-down on all the things I store there in a separate post.

But for now, all I wanted to share was a simple and no-fuss photo of my current vanity situation and invite you to send me photos of yours on Instagram. I would absolutely love if my blog-colleagues here : Nathalie, Frida and Emma were to share theirs here on the platform as I am super curious to see how you guys store your cosmetics!

  • Svara
    Nathalie Rajic
    18 februari, 2020 kl. 18:51

    Yeeey! Challenge accepted! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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