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Give me all the color and I shall never go grey !

1 mars, 2020

How a morning of self-care , flipping through magazines and just giving myself the time to jot down ideas for the blog got me craving all kinds of color.

When I first moved to Sweden I loved strong colors and patterns for my outfits, but very quickly adapted to a more minimalistic and Scandinavian fashion-style. Partly to fit in I guess, to not stand out in a crowd. 5 years down the road, I am very happy to say that not only am I ready to invite the rainbow into all parts of my life but I also feel a huge level of excitement over this.

This morning I did not really believe today could turn out this good as I woke up with a cold that just won’t quit and had to cancel my workout, something I have come to love and gain a lot of energy from. You can read all about it here. Isn’t it typical? Just as I get into a routine of workout out which resonates with my lifestyle I get ill, but it is either that or getting injured, isn’t it? So I am ok with the cold.

Before I give in to my new-found love for color and patterns and go painting the remaining white walls in our home in lilac, pink, mint-green and what not I thought I would start off by not limiting myself to one color on my nails.

Reasonable no? Maybe, although the plans for the apartment are going wild at the moment and I want to turn it into a Svensk Tenn and Joseph Frank showroom, I am containing myself and I feel as though I deserve a medal for this.

The result ? See for yourself.

I look like my nieces when they are allowed to chose whatever color they like and get so excited that they can’t contain themselves and chose different colors on each finger. And I love it !

The used colors ? From Essie: Warm and Toasty Turtleneck , Flowerista and Hiking Heels. Followed by a top coat from Yves Rocher which gives that gel-like finish.

Silly me thought I made the color choice on my own without any outside influence, until I reached for the towel I tend to use to do my nails at home. It is a dream from Marimekko that I was gifted by my dear Finnish friend, and well surprise surprise – it is two of the exact colors I chose for my nails.

I guess I am not as much of an original as I thought.

Go figure.

With this post I would like to start a weekly tradition, ”Manicure Monday”. Do not worry, I know it is not Monday today but lets get a head-start. I tend to spend 20 minutes each Sunday doing my nails and change color and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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