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Stockholm and the Beauty chats.

5 mars, 2020

How two full days of work-related meetings in Stockholm reminded me of the fact that talking beauty is one of my favorite things to do.

It is no secret that I have always been drawn to colors, textures and the creative aspect of make-up. Believe me when I say that I have found some pretty gruesome pictures of myself taken in my bedroom at the age of 12, thinking I looked absolutely gorge ( please read the latter with a Jonathan from Queer Eye-voice) whilst wearing bright green eyeshadow combined with purple lipgloss.

Yes, imagine.

Not my hottest look, but nevertheless I am so grateful for having been let to experiment with whatever look I wanted to ( well , at least within the four walls of our home). If I had the photo I am referring to with me I would of course share it with you, but I am currently in Stockholm on a work-related trip and can you imagine that I do not carry old photos of myself when I travel? Go figure.

As I was saying before getting side-tracked, I am in Stockholm this week and for those who do not know, I work with influencer marketing and brand management for a French cosmetic brand for the Nordic market. Those tasks bring me to Stockholm on a regular basis as the industry unfortunately is still very much centered up here. I say unfortunately because I see a tendency of more genuine and personal collaborations with influencers who live outside of Stockholm ( of course with some beautiful exceptions ) and I would like to see things happening in smaller towns for good measure.



Croissants and mascaras. What more does a gal need?

Meeting so many beauty interested and savvy women to speak of upcoming launches, possibility of collaborations and other areas where we can work together sparks so much creativity within me. The moment I say goodbye to make my way to the next meeting, I feel borderline high from the conversations we have just had. Because it is not merely a simple business-meeting : when women who love beauty meet it is a free for all bonanza of everything which might touch upon the topic.

Anything from beauty during pregnancy, early-dating phase beauty behaviors, in which order to apply products and why following instructions is not always the way to go with cosmetics, why combining two mascaras is a winning concept and finally get over-excited about a specific launch which the brand I work for will be launching in may ( guys, I am très excited for may ).

Imagine if I could go back and tell the girl who loved experimenting with green eyeshadow and purple lipstick that one day she would get to talk about cosmetics with knowledgeable people, for a living.


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