april 2020

La Manicure

Manicure Monday #4 – Dots

27 april, 2020
Manicure Monday

Right, so yet another week has passed by in these strange times of social distancing, which also means yet another manicure creation to show you guys. How another week has already come and gone is just beyond what I can grasp , so lets just move onto what I used on my nails and how I got those very uneven dots on my nails to look as though…

La Maquillage

Working from home and Red Lips

26 april, 2020
working from home

By now I wake up in the mornings and have a sort-of routine implemented before sitting down by my computer and beginning my workday. A couple of mornings my lovely blog-boss-babe Nathalie and I have been going for long walks to get our steps up and it has been the best start to the day. Working from home is made a lot easier when you can have those…

La vie en rose

Physical Distancing and there being no more normal.

21 april, 2020
Physical Distancing

When all of this physical distancing began a couple of weeks ago, I honestly felt a bit lost. With work-events being cancelled, private and work-related trips too, gyms closing, companies going bust and well , following the stock-market and being more horrified with each % it would plummet, I just could not grasp how it would even be possible to get on with life. Or well, how to…

La Manicure

Manicure – Getting Creative with Nail Polish

15 april, 2020

These days I have felt my creative side kicking in when it comes to my nails and my makeup. I don’t know if it has something to do with the calmer lifestyle or that spring is here and I wake up with more energy thanks to the sunshine and blue skies. A result of this has been funky colors and designs on my nails, as you might have…

Career La vie en rose

Yves Rocher – 3 Generations of Customers

8 april, 2020

How finding out that our oldest customer is 103 years old and still buys her products in a physical shop made me wish to include people of all ages in our campaigns. When I accepted to take the role I am still in today at Yves Rocher little over two years ago, I had no idea all the incredible moments it would bring and how much I would…

La Maquillage

Glow Favorites

5 april, 2020
Get the glow

How the sunshine has got me bringing out the big guns for a glowing look. It is no secret that spring has properly arrived to southern Sweden by now and that we are about 2 weeks from seeing people sporting various shades of pink. Yes, many Swedes still live under the illusion of ”once I have burned I will go brown”. Lets just cut the crap right there…