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5 april, 2020
Get the glow

How the sunshine has got me bringing out the big guns for a glowing look.

It is no secret that spring has properly arrived to southern Sweden by now and that we are about 2 weeks from seeing people sporting various shades of pink.

Yes, many Swedes still live under the illusion of ”once I have burned I will go brown”. Lets just cut the crap right there and say , that is not the case whatsoever. Once burned, you are burned and you have done severe damage to your skin.

But enough of that now.

We came here to speak about glow, and glow I shall deliver. Judging by the fact the world ”glow” is trending on google trend, this is the time to tell you about 3 products which I am thoroughly enjoying to get that glow base.


Estée Lauder – Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging CC Cream SPF 10 , 30 ml. I love that this is a lightweight multifunctional product which gives my skin a beautiful even tone whilst remaining very natural. I want my pores and freckles to be visible whenever wearing any type of foundation, and this does it. When squeezed out onto the fingers it has a grey-ish shade, but contains colored pigments which in contact with your skin adjusts to the color of it. Magic ! I have had this beauty for several years and am on my last drops of it.

Glossier Futuredew – Oil Serum Hybrid. An instant dewy glow delivered by a serum which contains nourishing oils ( without the feeling of it getting too greasy). It brightens up the face and preps it just before following with a foundation. I like to use it as mu last step in my skincare routine, and apply a very lightweight foundation over it to really get the most out of it. If let to dry before applying foundation, it doesn’t interfere with makeup and ends up working like a primer for me.

Yves Rocher Highlighter – Golden . This baby is new to the market as of this month and I have used it for two weeks now. Creamy in its consistency ( contains coconut oil ) and applies like a dream onto the skin. It is easily blended out with a finger and does not need to be limited to the traditional highlight-areas , but can also be applied onto eyelids for a glow golden look. I particularly enjoy the small, sleek stick-format of this product, making it easy to just have with you in your bag for top-ups.


I will try to film a little IGTV for you to accompany some of the makeup-posts I do here, but until then I recommend you check out my blog college Nathalies IGTV where she talks all things glow!

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