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Yves Rocher – 3 Generations of Customers

8 april, 2020

How finding out that our oldest customer is 103 years old and still buys her products in a physical shop made me wish to include people of all ages in our campaigns.

When I accepted to take the role I am still in today at Yves Rocher little over two years ago, I had no idea all the incredible moments it would bring and how much I would learn whilst being part of the company.

Even more so now when are are all facing very challenging times it is nice to remind myself of all the things we have done together, all the beautiful moments with colleagues partners and all the things I have gotten to do through this committed and kind company.

It is no secret that Yves Rocher is a brand which many people associate with mail-order and frankly, think of as a quite outdated brand. Believe me, I understand – because standing in the shadow of uber modern and social-media born brands oozing ”millennial” it is very challenging for a brand with 60 years of experience in the beauty industry, to tap into a ”new” market that everyone wants to reach through digital marketing : Millenials.

Millenials…spoken of as some mystical creatures with big fat wallets and no sense of brand-loyalty.

Yup, that is us indeed. Barr the big fat wallets.

Yves Rocher

But I am of a strong belief that old/experienced does not need to mean outdated or old-fashioned. 60 years in the business of botanical beauty means something and even if no brand is perfect, as a brand-marketeer I love the idea of working with PR and marketing by highlighting things which might not be the first thing a brand would like to shout loud about. For us that has been that the brand is very much associated with an older generation, which might not always be something which attracts the younger target group.

But when I began meeting people around 20+ they did have recollection of their grandmothers ordering products through mail-order from Yves Rocher, but only described very warm and positive memories of this. This happened at an event we held in Gothenburg where we met Amanda, who told us about all her memories sitting with her family selecting what to order from Yves Rocher, and shared that both her grandmother and mother had been a costumer for years and that their favorite product was our gorgeous golden Monoi oil.

So when we celebrated 60 years in the business last year ( 2019 ) we decided to invite Amanda and her family to the celebrations, where her grandmother happily shared on stage that ”My relationship with Yves Rocher is the longest and happiest relationship I’ve ever had in my life”.

Yeah, I know – magically funny.

So when we started discussing brand content we could create, it was not far fetched that we would gather Amanda, her mother Maria and her grandmother, Laila to show the variety in products we carry and that we have something for all ages – using 3 generations of Yves Rocher customers.

Click here to watch the beautiful 3 generation video , filmed and edited by Joseph Erikson. You might se this one on YouTube as an ad if you happen to be within the set target group!

This turned out to not only be an incredibly fun thing to work with, but so far the response both internally and external has been very positive !

Obviously, like everything – it would not be possible without the gorgeous models and all the people working during the production.

Nothing beats a beautifully synced team.

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