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Manicure – Getting Creative with Nail Polish

15 april, 2020

These days I have felt my creative side kicking in when it comes to my nails and my makeup. I don’t know if it has something to do with the calmer lifestyle or that spring is here and I wake up with more energy thanks to the sunshine and blue skies.

A result of this has been funky colors and designs on my nails, as you might have seen over at Instagram if you follow me there. I promised you a couple of weeks ago that I would upload a weekly manicure post here, each Monday and dub it Manicure Monday, but well – life happened and a little something called anxiety took over for a wee while and the first thing to go for my part was my creativity at the initial shock of the world being upside down.

But now I am feeling rather positive and ready to let my creative buzz take over and put pen to …. well, fingers to keyboard and share it with you.

Started off with dots , where I painted a lilac base straight onto my nails. Let it dry, then followed in with a toothpick to do the uneven sized dots allover. At first I planned on adding one dot, then I messed it up slightly and instead turned my nails into Easter eggs.

Not bad since it was easter last weekend ey?

I feel #blessed to have many beauty-savvy people hanging out on my instagram sharing all kinds of wonderful tips and tricks with me, so when I shared the photo above a few days ago. Well, lets just say a lot of inspiration was sent my way as to what I should do next with my nails.

So, the result of that became the following : me spending far too much time first filing down my nails to the shorter side, painting my nails with one layer of base coat and then carefully drawing different colored lines onto my nails using an….

… Aquarelle brush that I didn’t even know I owned. As in a painting brush I got to paint something on real paper, and never did.

Learnings ? Maybe stick to one specific shade or color-family when doing this as I feel the dark red color sort of ruined the look. But I like the lines, and c’mon.

We are talking nails here.

The world has seen bigger crisis than a red color being a tad too out there to go with the rest of the shades.

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