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Physical Distancing and there being no more normal.

21 april, 2020
Physical Distancing

When all of this physical distancing began a couple of weeks ago, I honestly felt a bit lost.

With work-events being cancelled, private and work-related trips too, gyms closing, companies going bust and well , following the stock-market and being more horrified with each % it would plummet, I just could not grasp how it would even be possible to get on with life. Or well, how to get on with life as we once knew it.

My first thought was ”We NEED events for product launches”. We NEED to be able to have dinners out with friends, family, customers etc. We NEED to have that coffee in an overcrowded coffee shop. We NEED to have too much to do to keep telling ourselves how busy and important we are, because if we stop and let there be a bit of a blank in our calendars, who are we even? We NEED to travel to explore the world and evolve as human beings and get to know other cultures.

Etc. etc. You get the gist.

You know what I for one have realised and pray to the God I do not believe in on a daily basis that I will bring with me moving onwards from this very strange time?

I NEED none of that.

It is nice, but it is not NEEDED. It is not a necessity and more importantly it is not something which is to be taken for granted. Which I believe many of us have, including myself.

What I need is time with my loved ones, the safety of my own home and finally having all the time in the world to appreciate it and not only see it as a crash-pad.

The bedroom has been given a bit of a face-lift with a fresh lick of paint in a gorgeous and calm blue-is color, the plats have been lovingly repotted and cared for, the photos on the fridge have been exchanged for more up-to date ones to remind us of beautiful memories and finally – the daily moments of stress that I for one used to have in my life seem to be gone.

Having said this, it all comes from a place of extreme privilege. I am safe in my home, I still have my job and am lucky enough to live in a country that has socialistic values that I have never valued more than now. Being able to see this moment in time as a slower pace of life without business travels, commuting 3 hours a day and therefore also more time to exercise my body and mind in a different way, is a privilege.

And no, I do not believe we will be ”going back to normal” once this is over, because it clearly was not working out very well was it? I for one do not want to go back to the way I lived my life prior to this and I want to bring with me some of the habits I have developed in the last weeks, because I have honestly never been more present in my day to day life, conversations and feelings.

I want more time with my family, I want to watch my dogs expression of happiness when down for a walk at the beach, I want to keep exploring my new-found YouTube obsession ”Bon Appétit” show and learn all about how to perfect a pasta carbonara and get inspired by the level of cooking-nerds they all are and finally, I want to MOVE my damn body!

So, for now I will continue with the physical distancing – to protect our grandmothers, our fathers, our mothers and our friends.

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