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Working from home and Red Lips

26 april, 2020
working from home

By now I wake up in the mornings and have a sort-of routine implemented before sitting down by my computer and beginning my workday. A couple of mornings my lovely blog-boss-babe Nathalie and I have been going for long walks to get our steps up and it has been the best start to the day. Working from home is made a lot easier when you can have those small but meaningful moments with people you care about.

Few people inspire me as much as she does and I feel lucky to get to work with her. We were meant to be in Bali together the last couple of weeks, but as we all know some things changed slightly due to a certain ol’ virus which rhymes with persona.

But instead we are all staying put and finding new routines, new things to feel happy and excited about which don’t involve traveling or spending much time outside the home at all, and I am truly enjoying the small things.

Like wearing red lips for absolutely no reason other than for myself.

A lot of change is happening around us and also for me on a personal level, but I do believe it is for the best and that everything happens for a reason. At least that is what I try telling myseld whenever I feel overwhelmed and struggle with the idea that I cannot control it all.

Working from home isn’t bad at all, it is what you make it and right now I am determined to make it the best possible for myself. This week I will be biting the bullet and finally baking banana cake, something the rest of the world seems to have been doing since all this madness began.

Banana Cake.

How original of me.

For Swedish speakers I highly recommend this article on three women sharing their best slow-living tips and activities.

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    27 april, 2020 kl. 20:37

    De där promenaderna är som balsam för själen just nu! ❤️ Ps. Du är minst lika inspirerande!

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