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When life gives you lemons – you chill the fuck down and count your blessing.

6 maj, 2020

The universe has thrown us a big fat bag of lemons and it is time to…chill the fuck down and not be productive every second of every day. No, when life gives you lemons you don’t have to make lemonade. It is ok to buy the cheapest non-organic ready-made lemonade and enjoy it whilst counting your blessings…

And cry. Crying is good. Nearly as good as masturbation.

I never used to understand people when they said they had writers block. I know that might seem a bit provocative for anyone who has ever had to create some sort of text on demand, but I always had a good flow with words.

Those who know me are probably well aware of the fact that sometimes I have a few too many words within me and could benefit from taking a deep breath and just staying quiet.

I know, blogging isn’t something I do professionally but I still have things I need to deliver and most importantly want to create on this little corner on the internet to share with all of you.

But when the inspiration is low, not so much for any other reason other than the fact that my life is rather still and I feel as though there isn’t to show you or talk to you about, it is like I get a mental block and I tell myself that I have no words to jot down on the blank space when I think of writing a blog post.

But then I sit down in front of my computer and realize that it isn’t true. I do have ideas. That I get super excited about for about 5 minutes and then I come down from the dopamine high of a new idea and feel a bit…


But in the stillness there are so many things which have come to me, thoughts, feelings and all I need to do is to start paying more attention to them and write them down as they come to me.

No my life is no longer full of travels to exotic places, exciting events with fun people. But it is full of free time for me to tune in with myself. And yes, that is scary because you never know what will appear when you are forced to spend some time with your own thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes life deals you a bad deck of cards, or it throws you a ton of sour lemons – but it is in these moments I feel that I am truly connecting with myself and my values.

So here is a list I have made of blessings I might not have paid attention to, had I not been forced to stay put in my home in Malmö due to the pandemic.

  • I am healthy and I have time to take even better care of my own health now that I don’t commute to work 12 hours a week.
  • I have a balcony overlooking my beautiful city which I get to enjoy a cup of coffee on most mornings.
  • I do not have to check my calendar each Sunday to remind myself of upcoming travels for work ( or private for that matter).
  • I am not going anywhere. This is where I am meant to be right now.
  • I finally have time to go through my belongings and sort out what I want to keep in my space and sell what I no longer use. I have set myself a goal of selling things for 10.000 sek and then donating the money to a cause I believe in.
  • Baking is so satisfying and so much fun. Please let this new habit stick around post-pandemic too?
  • I really enjoy exercise and I thank my body and mind on a daily basis for sticking to my workouts at least 5 days a week. Thank you body who has endured so much hatred and suffering in the past !

  • Svara
    14 juli, 2020 kl. 10:53

    To be grateful is a must ❤️

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