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Sun Care for wearing under makeup.

11 maj, 2020
Sun Care for when you wear makeup

Lets talk sun care.

My favorite season of the year is coming up, or might even already be here. Bare legs are (finally) back with a bang and people in Sweden will soon find themselves utterly confused as to wether they should be bringing knitwear with them out to wear over their dresser or not.

It is all kinds of fun.

But, with the nicer weather comes great responsibility ( I’m not sure that is exactly the way that quote went, but lets get on with it).

Yes, you guessed it. The sun is back and so are the burned spring-faces out there. And I am here to help all of you who would like to protect your pretty faces whilst also emptying your bank accounts.


Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense, SPF30.

Sun-care does not need to be pricey to be effective. There are plenty of brands out there which can supply you with perfectly safe formulas to keep you from burning and aging ( well, unless you were unlucky with your DNA pool and you will age lots anyway regardless of using sunscreen or not, and there is no hope for you).

*Please read all the above sentences with a pinch of salt.*

So, no – great sun care does not have to break the bank. But unfortunately, a great sun care product for your face which works very well under a full face of makeup will set you back a hand or two.

But is it worth it ?

For me who likes wearing makeup on a sort of daily basis and quite appreciate being protected from the dangerous sun rays, yes.

But really, is it 625SEK/65€ – worth it for 50ml?

I can’t answer that, but what I can do is give you a review of this product which I could purchase thanks to a very generous gift card at the place where I get facials and massages. I had a few hundred SEK ( Swedish currency) leftover on my card, so technically it only cost med 250 SEK.

In short, Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense, SPF30, is a very lightweight hydrating physical sunscreen which is supposed to work for all skin-types without interfering with your makeup. It is a lightweight lotion which contains so-called Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, aka mineral particles which lately absorb UVB rays and reflect UVA rays. The tube is ofc ( I say ofc on this one as I now a days expect ALL brands to have swapped to recyclable packaging) recyclable and the formulation is so-called reef-safe.

I had to google that last one. Reef-safe, but it is exactly what it sounds. A formulation which does not have a negative impact on the health of the water we might be swimming in.

Most importantly, does it do what it promises? To give you protection from burning whilst also allowing you to have a full face of makeup on?

Yes, it does.


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