juni 2020

La vie en rose

Anti-friction and it being that time of the year again.

11 juni, 2020

Depending on which group you belong to, you might already think you know what I am talking about by just reading the title. If you happen to be part of the pollen-allergic crowd, you certainly assumed that I would be talking about my runny nose, how I can’t breathe outside and how to deal with it it as friction-free as possible. But if you just like me, happen…

La Manicure

Manicure Monday (but Wednesday) ft. Ice Cream.

10 juni, 2020
Manicure Ice Cream

Some people have baked countless loafs of banana bread, some have brewed barrel after barrel of cider and I for one have explored the world of nail-art during the ongoing pandemic. So if push come to shove, I can resort to bringing back my manicure maffia which I had running at the age of 12 whilst living in Luxembourg. I promise you that one day I will share…

La vie en rose

Spirituality, Österlen and Logi Gamlegård.

8 juni, 2020
Logi Gamlegården

How 24 hours in Österlen helped me reconnect to nature and to myself. I believe one of the clear signs of me aging is the feeling of appreciating nature in a completely different way than I did even 5 years ago. My ideal getaway between the age of 15-25 was to a busy city exploring coffee shops, spending my saved up pennies on clothes and the more people…