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Manicure Monday (but Wednesday) ft. Ice Cream.

10 juni, 2020
Manicure Ice Cream

Some people have baked countless loafs of banana bread, some have brewed barrel after barrel of cider and I for one have explored the world of nail-art during the ongoing pandemic.

So if push come to shove, I can resort to bringing back my manicure maffia which I had running at the age of 12 whilst living in Luxembourg. I promise you that one day I will share this very strange, embarassing and in some ways rather impressing story of my life.

It is not so straightforward that a light lilac shade on nails will go well with a gray/brown tone, but hey – if you don’t try it out how will you know for sure? I painted the entire nails entirely with the gray/brown shade called ”Lila Hyacint” from Yves Rocher and let it dry.

Then I followed in on the tips of the nails in an uneven way ( who needs perfection anyway) with a light lilac H&M nailpolish. Finished off with a layer of Top Coat to protect the color and to add longevity to the look.

Best part of this look apart from the oddly satisfying color-combination? The fact that a certain someone let me know that this nail-look reminded them of an ice cream they used to have as a kid.

I for one can certainly see the resemblance between my work of art and a giant footed ice-cream.

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