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Anti-friction and it being that time of the year again.

11 juni, 2020

Depending on which group you belong to, you might already think you know what I am talking about by just reading the title. If you happen to be part of the pollen-allergic crowd, you certainly assumed that I would be talking about my runny nose, how I can’t breathe outside and how to deal with it it as friction-free as possible.

But if you just like me, happen not to have a thigh gap you of course already knew that what this post would be about.

Yes, you guessed it.

Lets face it, how many of us have asked ourselves as temperature rises and the dresses/skirts come out to play: ”How in Gods name will I get through the summer season without the inner side of my thighs not looking and feeling and looking like a roasted piece of meat?”

Babe, I’ve got you covered. The answer is anti-friction, and well… this list.

There are a few options out there and all of them will result in you enjoying your life and not even think about your thighs. I for one resorted to roll-on deodorant in my younger years simply because I felt too ashamed at the thought of asking around or googling a better option. This solution worked well as long as I had the roll-on with me constantly re-applying as soon as it dried out and oh-my-god did it hurt those times the rash had already begun and I insisted on applying the deo.


Those days are now long gone and I have since then made it into my mission in life to provide everyone with the following list of tested and tried anti-friction methods/products to enjoy the warmer months and not giving your body shit over something which can easily be taken care of.

So, to my list, in no particular order ( other than the first one on the list which is absolutely fab).

  • Body Glide – Available in most runners-stores or sports shops.
  • Silky Underwear by Lush – Body talc. It smells wonderful but most importantly it does the trick of protecting those thighs from roasting.
  • Gold Bound Friction Defense Stick Unscented – This baby soothes the skin, reduces friction and moisturizes the skin all whilst it is 100% non-greasy and leaves no marks on clothing. A bit tricky to get hold of, but it is 100% worth the chase ( unlike that man you have been chasing).

…I cannot believe I just said that about Anti-Friction cream.

Some of my very reliable sources have told me about Rump from Lush which is meant to be great. Not only does it do the trick in avoiding the burning of your inner thighs from rubbing up against each other, but it also hydrates and calms the skin with environmentally friendly ingredients. I have however not tried this myself but will give it a go this year.

Clothing :

Twilfit – Very thin shorts made out of silk to wear under clothing. I really appreciate that it fits tightly onto the body and there is no slip-up situation which could possibly be the most annoying thing out there in these kind of items.

Bandelettes – Last year was the first time I heard about these, but they are basically leg straps which protects the skin from being rubbed up. I used mine

And if all other things fail, what is there out there which helps things slide easier, has been tested on very sensitive skin for years on end and is easily accessible ? You guessed it. The mother of everything anti-friction.


So now that I’ve written a sort of beauty related list and finished it with the word LUBE, I invite you to share your best tips and tricks surrounding this topic that I am sure that many of us are affected by.


Smug as a bug and most importantly happily rash-free.

  • Svara
    14 juli, 2020 kl. 10:49

    Thank you for your tips!!!😊

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