Review: 3X Living Proof Hair Mask

12 juli, 2020
Living Proof Hair Mask

Yes, you are right in thinking about all of our own girl-next-door actress Jennifer Aniston when seeing the brand name: Living Proof – since she happens to have been the face of the brand for as long as we can remember.

You know what else I remember?

That Jennifer had the most gorgeous locks whilst playing Rachel Green, heck – she has great hair all along.

And I want great hair too, which is why I try to now make an effort to give it what it needs in order to grow stronger and more nourished so I don’t have to resort to Hairtalk. So imagine my excitement when Living Proof released three new 200ml hair masks to help me get those dry and tired lengths perky again.

Now you don’t need to run out to get all of them and personally my favorite is the Living Proof No Frizz Moisture Mask – but I will share a short review of each one of them to guide you in your possible hair mask choice.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment 200 ml – This babe treats dry and damaged hair and replenishes your strands with the moisture it needs to look healthier after one single use. Think of this one as the Rolls Royce of restoring very dry hair and giving it some new life.

Living Proof No Frizz Intense Moisture Mask 200ml – This one is my favorite out of the three masks as it gives my hair that ultimate go-through that I need for it not to get all frizzy, which it tends to do during the summers. I shampoo my hair, rinse it out and then apply a dollop of this mask onto the lengths and leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing it out. When using this I do not apply conditioner afterwards. It doesn’t weigh down the hair at all, but gives it the treatment it needs to look and feel healthier. All the masks are free of silicones and have been replaced with a patented formula ”Healthy Hair Molecule” which corrects rather than masks the dry and frizzy hair.

Living proof PhD Weightless Mask 200ml – This one is for finer hair and gives the strands weightless moisture and revives dull hair. It adds shine to your lengths and makes it a lot easier to manage post-wash without compromising any volume ( something I often find shine-products guilty of ). Apply after shampoo onto the roots and lengths and leave for five minutes. Rinse. Don’t apply any conditioner as your hair will not need additional moisture.

Happy Hair in a few minutes and you can cater it to what your hair is in need of !

If you happen to know Swedish and you want to learn about SPF, I highly recommend checking out this article.

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