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Influencers eller inte…

25 november, 2020

…verkar absolut inte vara frågan, för att de ska ske samarbeten mellan influencers och företag och att det är en naturlig del av medielandskapet idag är en självklarhet för de flesta. Detta inlägg grundar sig i en fråga jag ställde på Instagram under kvällen igår som följd av flera diskussioner med branschkollegor som upplever att antalet samarbeten som syns i sociala medier har gått överstyr och lett till…

Career La vie en rose

Yves Rocher – 3 Generations of Customers

8 april, 2020

How finding out that our oldest customer is 103 years old and still buys her products in a physical shop made me wish to include people of all ages in our campaigns. When I accepted to take the role I am still in today at Yves Rocher little over two years ago, I had no idea all the incredible moments it would bring and how much I would…

Career La vie en rose

Covid-19 and Beauty retail

13 mars, 2020

How the global Covid-19 virus has made us change the way we greet each other, how we travel and the amount of hand-soap and hand cream we are consuming. I will not lie to you, I have not been feeling too concerned over the spreading of the virus, but this week since the travel-ban to the US was announced and the stock market plunged, it suddenly feels as…

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48 hours in Paris

3 februari, 2020

Paris, Paris, Paris. Working for a French brand does have its perks, not only do I get to listen to the charming accent when my French colleagues speak English but I also get the opportunity to visit France a few times a year for work purposes. More specifically, Paris ( if you had not guessed it already ). And sometimes Brittany where we have our Eco Spa, which…


I truly have the best job in the world.

25 januari, 2020
best job in the world

This could be the most annoying title to a blog post that I will ever write and that you will ever read. But I don’t really care, because I do truly have the best job in the world! 2 years after being recruited into my position, a few other job offers from fun and exciting companies, I am still at Yves Rocher Nordic, not planning on going anywhere…