Olaplex and taking good care of your locks.

29 mars, 2020

How Olaplex, a visit to Headon Malmö Live has inspired me to make a plan for how to care for my hair. A few days ago I shared a post with you telling you all about how much I have been neglecting my hair in the last years. In fact, before last week I had not had my hair cut for over 2 years. *Pause for dramatic gasp*…


Hair Serum

23 januari, 2020
Hair serum

I know what you might be thinking. Do I really need serum for my hair too? Is it not enough with a serum for my face? Well, that depends. Hair serums are the shit if you , like me have frizzy hair and blow-dries it often. Nobody needs a hair serum. Lets just get that out in the open. It all boils down to what type of hair…