La Manicure

La Manicure

Manicure Monday (but Wednesday) ft. Ice Cream.

10 juni, 2020
Manicure Ice Cream

Some people have baked countless loafs of banana bread, some have brewed barrel after barrel of cider and I for one have explored the world of nail-art during the ongoing pandemic. So if push come to shove, I can resort to bringing back my manicure maffia which I had running at the age of 12 whilst living in Luxembourg. I promise you that one day I will share…

La Manicure

Manicure Monday #4 – Dots

27 april, 2020
Manicure Monday

Right, so yet another week has passed by in these strange times of social distancing, which also means yet another manicure creation to show you guys. How another week has already come and gone is just beyond what I can grasp , so lets just move onto what I used on my nails and how I got those very uneven dots on my nails to look as though…

La Manicure

Manicure – Getting Creative with Nail Polish

15 april, 2020

These days I have felt my creative side kicking in when it comes to my nails and my makeup. I don’t know if it has something to do with the calmer lifestyle or that spring is here and I wake up with more energy thanks to the sunshine and blue skies. A result of this has been funky colors and designs on my nails, as you might have…

La Manicure La Maquillage

Manicure Monday #2 Essie Urban Jungle

9 mars, 2020
Manicure Monday

How a creamy white nail polish manicure made me realise that color is fun and simplicity might be chic but it is a bit boring. Just to get one thing out in the open, this nail polish is not French-manicure white. It is a grey, creamy white pastel coloured dream. I don’t use the word dream lightly, especially not when I’ve just also called it boring in the…