La vie en rose

La vie en rose

Self-love Christmas Calendar

30 november, 2020
Self-love Christmas Calendar

If 2020 isn’t the year we should all be practicing self-love, I don’t know (and do not want to find out) what is. This year has brought a lot of challenges as well as beautiful learnings. And an equal amount of pretty darn SHIT moments. Like, really shit. Therefore I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and turn December into THE month of self/love and appreciation…

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Influencers eller inte…

25 november, 2020

…verkar absolut inte vara frågan, för att de ska ske samarbeten mellan influencers och företag och att det är en naturlig del av medielandskapet idag är en självklarhet för de flesta. Detta inlägg grundar sig i en fråga jag ställde på Instagram under kvällen igår som följd av flera diskussioner med branschkollegor som upplever att antalet samarbeten som syns i sociala medier har gått överstyr och lett till…

La vie en rose

Reconnecting to… nature?

15 november, 2020

I can’t be the only one rolling my eyes at people who have suddenly discovered nature as a result of Rona taking over our lives for the last year. It is as though we were all so busy riding the post-financial-crisis economical boom and taking health, wealth and free movement for granted (oh boy was it a fun ride) whilst happily unknowingly forgetting that the most meaningful experiences…

La vie en rose

Anti-friction and it being that time of the year again.

11 juni, 2020

Depending on which group you belong to, you might already think you know what I am talking about by just reading the title. If you happen to be part of the pollen-allergic crowd, you certainly assumed that I would be talking about my runny nose, how I can’t breathe outside and how to deal with it it as friction-free as possible. But if you just like me, happen…

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Spirituality, Österlen and Logi Gamlegård.

8 juni, 2020
Logi Gamlegården

How 24 hours in Österlen helped me reconnect to nature and to myself. I believe one of the clear signs of me aging is the feeling of appreciating nature in a completely different way than I did even 5 years ago. My ideal getaway between the age of 15-25 was to a busy city exploring coffee shops, spending my saved up pennies on clothes and the more people…

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Physical Distancing and there being no more normal.

21 april, 2020
Physical Distancing

When all of this physical distancing began a couple of weeks ago, I honestly felt a bit lost. With work-events being cancelled, private and work-related trips too, gyms closing, companies going bust and well , following the stock-market and being more horrified with each % it would plummet, I just could not grasp how it would even be possible to get on with life. Or well, how to…

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Yves Rocher – 3 Generations of Customers

8 april, 2020

How finding out that our oldest customer is 103 years old and still buys her products in a physical shop made me wish to include people of all ages in our campaigns. When I accepted to take the role I am still in today at Yves Rocher little over two years ago, I had no idea all the incredible moments it would bring and how much I would…

La vie en rose

Realising you cannot control it all.

29 mars, 2020

How life is now forcing us all to stop, take a breath and remind ourselves that the only thing one can control is our own reactions and feelings. Nothing else. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times in the last two years where I have been taking everything but deep-belly breaths. I have often had to lay my right hand on my heart just to…