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Le soin Skincare

Sun Care for wearing under makeup.

11 maj, 2020
Sun Care for when you wear makeup

Lets talk sun care. My favorite season of the year is coming up, or might even already be here. Bare legs are (finally) back with a bang and people in Sweden will soon find themselves utterly confused as to wether they should be bringing knitwear with them out to wear over their dresser or not. It is all kinds of fun. But, with the nicer weather comes great…

Le soin Skincare

The dream that is Oskia Renaissance Mask

23 mars, 2020
Oskia Renaissance

How a luxurious little Oskia glass jar made me realize that there are face masks, and then there are face masks. When my aunt got married in Miami, I was 6 years old and wanted to be just like her. In my eyes she was EVERYTHING. As a gift to all her female guests, she gave a little bottle of baby blue body lotion with shimmer inside, which…

Le soin Skincare

You see me rollin’ (with a face roller).

7 mars, 2020
Face Roller

How a jade roller in 2012 smelling like garlic got me into facial massages as a mode of relaxation and banished all previously perceived (imagined) puffiness. Right, no normal person would never write about something as luxurious and self-indulgent as facial rollers and massage tools in the same sentence as the word garlic. But I am here to serve you and to burst all imagined bubbles of normal…