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What is
I am Confident?

“I am Confident” is a 3 week coaching program that teaches you how to show up fearlessly without self-doubt. This is the beginning of loving yourself, a new level of you.  


In this group coaching program I will guide you to connect with your inner compass, to remove the armor you’ve built around your heart and learn to trust and love yourself. To lead from your heart and soul with confidence. 

I am confident by nathalie rajic

Break up with perfection

Life is too short to chase perfection and not live in harmony with yourself. In this program you´ll get the tools and support to rebuild all that you are and to be satisfied with what you have. To confront your inner critic and break up with perfection.

dare to go your own way

You deserve to go your own way and create your own opportunites without self-doubt. Wether that means to quit your dayjob to pivot your carreer, terminate a destructive relationship or learn how to be your own best friend. You deserve to go your own way with confidence and this program will guide you how to.

Quit comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy. In this program you will get the tools to quit comparison, stop measuring yourself to the world and live in peace with yourself. Because you are beautiful, unique and great as you are!

stop looking for validation

Learn how to set healthy boundaries for inner peace and dare to lead yourself from your own desires. This program will help you to stop looking for validation in others, get a higher sense of self-worth and trust your own voice.

how does
this program work?

“I am Confident” is a 3 week program that starts 1st March 2023. It contains weekly digital live sessions, daily practices, check-ins and an exclusive private 1:1 session. A safe space for you to grow and glow.

The coaching program is divided in 3 modules, one per week with focus on Self-Love, Inner Peace and Confidence. The foundation to tap into your best self without any excuses.  The weekly group call sessions will take place every Tuesday 20.00 CET on Zoom, to be recorded if you 

don´t have the opportunity to attend live. The program will be held in English. 

Week 1 Self- love

Week 2 Inner Peace

Week 3 Confidence



(if you wish to pay with invoice instead of 

card payment, please contact us hello@herway.se)

This PROGRAM contains

- One private 1:1 coaching session

- Weekly digital group coaching sessions
- Daily check-ins in our private coaching group
- Workbook with daily practices

your mentor

You will bloom if you take the time to water yourself – let me show you how! 


My name is Nathalie Rajic. I am a Confidence Coach and the founder of Her Way, a natural day dream achiever that have turned passions into profit and weaving dreams into reality. I’ve always believed in myself and conquered my achievements without fear. But there was one thing lacking to fully enjoy my life – the love to myself.



It reflected in the choice of romantic partners and how I let other people treat me. The key to my freedom was to build a healthy relationship with myself, without self-criticism and the inner critic running the show. I decided to make a change and give myself the love I deserve, which gave me strength and confidence to leave a long relationship of physical and mental abuse. I am here to serve, and my goal is to meet you where you are and support you on your journey to love yourself.